New Sydney Head Office for the LaunchTS Team

Launch waiting areaChange can sometimes be as good as a holiday, and the LaunchTS team is feeling refreshed and ready for action in our brand new head office! Located at 9 Castlereagh St Sydney, the office is a comfortable, creative workspace incorporating
recycled materials, organic design and plenty of room for our growing team. A healthy, positive working environment can help increase staff retention and productivity, and the new office has been designed with these goals in mind.

New workspaces have been located close to windows to maximise natural light, which is found to provide a range of benefits such as the regulation of Vitamin D, serotonin and melatonin, and the promotion of healthy eye development. Natural light has also been found to reduce stress and improve mood[1] – a plus in any workplace!

Research suggests that using plants in an office environment can help reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression, and that a ratio of 1 plant per 3 employees can improve air quality[2]. Plants have been incorporated into our office design for visual appeal and to ‘breathe life’ into the office. As well as looking great, the plants help bring the outside in and contribute to a more natural working environment.

Mobility and flexibility are important requirements for the team and our staff have ergonomically-designed desks to enable a range of flexible working options, such as the option to sit or stand. As an added innovation, desks will have devices fitted that help monitor individual activity levels and capture results in real time!

As a provider of specialist solutions within the telecommunications industry, LaunchTS embraces innovative technology, and our new office design reflects that. We’re excited to move into our new space and are keen to enjoy the many benefits of a fresh, modern and dynamic workplace environment!


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